Better Harder Faster Stronger

Race day has come and gone... Right on! You did it. Whether you hit a personal record, put in a steady effort, finished top of your age group, or DNF'd half way through, you went for it and put yourself into the mix. It's often said that life is not about the destination, it's about the journey. As a triathlete, you live your sport day-in and day-out with training, diet, nutrition, and constant time management. Your journey doesn't end with the race, it's just a peak along the way - and that's what it's all about.

At Bikes and Life, we know the sacrifices you've made to become an Ironman. We have incredible respect for the effort you've put in. Now, looking forward to your next race and the training ahead, let us help you take your training journey to the next level.

Let's make you feel better, train harder, race faster, and become stronger!

Feel Better

You fight many little battles on your journey to the race. Discomforts, frustrations, and and inconveniences. Some are inherent to the sport but many can be solved with the right products. Here are some of the most popular and practical products to make you feel better in your training and on your race:

TriSlide - This spray on anti-chafe and skin lubricant makes it super easy to get in and out of your wetsuit and also increases your comfort while swimming. It's also perfect for use as an anti-chafe for run and cycling shorts. We recommend TriSlide over any other anti-chafe swim/bike/run skin lubricant on the market.
Body Glide Foot - You're no stranger to foot pain. Regardless of the cause, Body Glide "Foot" is a great way to get relief and prevent irritation to skin caused by running and cycling in damp conditions, over long periods of time, or any time.
Lock Laces - Stop suffering from shoe laces that loosen up during your run. Keep your laces tight and secure with a set of awesome Lock Laces. These are easy to install and guaranteed never to come un-done!
UCAN Hydration - UCAN is all about feeling better thanks to regulating your blood sugar for consistent fuel levels for your body. It was developed to provide sustained and stable blood sugar levers for children with hypoglycemia and consequently is a perfect energy source for endurance athletes - providing consistent, sustained energy levels over long periods of time. 

Train Harder

The intensity of a rigorous training schedule can build up to be as difficult to continue as a tough race. It takes the right pre and post workout routine to minimize the suffering of a hard workout and maximize your recovery for next time. Your routine must be your own and comes from working with trainers, listening to your body, and experimenting with the right periods of rest and nutrition to optimize your gains. That's in your hands. What we can help with are a few tools to maximize your training time and make your workouts more productive, trackable, and manageable.

Wahoo Kickr - There are many times when we look back and say, "I would have gotten out for a bike ride but..." it was raining. It was snowing. It was too cold, too hot. Not enough time. And on and on. We never really loved indoor cycling training until we got the smart trainer from Wahoo Kickr! This intelligent trainer regulates your workout for you so you can watch a movie, listen to music, and just tune into the workout without having to focus on all the details. You can even sync it up to great apps like Trainer Road and Zwift to get a more interactive level of training, track your power numbers, and improve your riding in a more fun yet more trackable and controlled way. Honestly, this might be the best investment you make in your cycling training.
Garmin HRM Swim - When it comes to swimming, electronics have it rough. It's been really difficult to get the same metrics from your swim workouts as your run and bike ones. Until recently! Garmin's HRM Swim allows you to track your heart rate while under water, storing it until you get out, and then communicating that data to your fitness device - be it smart training watch or Garmin cycling computer. Now you can dive into your swim metrics - literally! 

Race Faster

Every few weeks someone will comment on a post of ours or a video saying "It's not the gear, its your legs and your lungs!" Well, who could disagree with that and we certainly don't. If you've taken care of your engine and are well prepared, a great race is much more likely to follow. But -- and we do say this seriously -- there's nothing wrong with doing what you can to buy a little "free speed."

With that mindset, here are a few awesome ways to go faster with the same effort!

X-Lab - In the world of cycling, improving your aerodynamics has a tremendous effect on your speed. You can easily pick up an additional 2 mph just from orienting your body - and your bike - in a more aerodynamic way. X-Lab is all about it. They produce aerodynamic accessories that not only are slippy and low resistance themselves, they help your body achieve a better position while still having access to your most critical on bike resources - fuel and hydration! Check out the X-Lab Torpedo Versa 200 - an aerobar mounted water bottle with straw, the Gorilla Cage - a super grip waterbottle cage for mounting behind your seat, and the Stealth Pocket 400c - a super convenient top tube bag that keeps your gels/salt/snacks all in easy reach for on bike fueling.

Become Stronger

Ultimately your journey between each race will lead you to become a stronger person. Stronger in your passionate commitment to continually challenge yourself. Stronger in your will to work hard even when you see little reward for many months. Stronger in your ability to keep a balanced life. You're becoming not just physically stronger, but a stronger and more complete person.

To that end we encourage you to learn more about the great organizations IRONMAN partners with for charity. Visit the IRONMAN Foundation to learn more.