X22 vs P20 - Which one to buy?

Welcome to a Bicycle Q&A blog! Here we feature questions from real customers and our answers. In this post, an old customer who owns a Tern Verge X10 is ready to upgrade and wants to know the difference between Tern's new 26 inch wheel folding bikes.

Blair's Questions:

Hi Peter,

It's me Blair the one who bought the x10 from you guys and still satisfied with it! Now my bro is wanting a folding bike too. I'm thinking to give him my x10 and get a tern eclipse p20. I do have a couple of questions though about the bike before deciding whether or not to buy it. 

what is the main diff of it to eclipse x22? it is $1000 more expensive not sure why? are components make that big of a difference? also what is the difference ride wise to the x10? the same effort of pedaling would it be faster? ride comfort wise would it be comfortable to the x10?

sorry for a bunch of questions

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Peter's Reply:

Hi Blair! Thanks so much for contacting me. ☺

It is only a matter of time before your friends and family start to love your folding bike, right? Very funny. I actually have purchased folding bikes for: mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, girlfriend, and a few friends as well! They all seem to fall in love with it once they see how fun it is.

Ok, to answer your questions:

The main difference between P20 and X22 is that the parts on the bike are all top level for the X22. The P20 has good parts – very good even – but they are going to be heavier and slower compared to the X22.

Nearly every part is different aside from t he frame and the tires but here are the items you will notice most:


The X22 is 24.9lbs and is 2lbs lighter than the P20.


The Eclipse P20 has Shimano Tiagra shifters with 20 gears. Tiagra is a good component group but you wont find it on modern performance road bikes. It works well and is better than most folding bikes. But, it is not going to be as smooth when compared with the X22.

The Eclipse X22 has Shimano Ultegra shifters and derailleurs. These are the 2nd best that Shimano makes before what they call Dura Ace which is the top level. I use Ultegra on many of my bikes because it is super clean in it’s performance, but also uses more durable and less expensive parts than Dura Ace. It is super common to see people on high end road bikes with Shimano Ultegra parts. That’s simply because it works incredibly well but is a bit less expensive to maintain.


The Eclipse X22 definitely has nicer brakes. Both are hydraulic disc brakes but the Tektro Auriga broks on the Eclipse P20 are no where near as responsive as the Shimano SLX brakes on the Eclipse X22.

Those are the ares where you’ll notice the greatest difference in performance between the two bikes. There are a bunch of other smaller details that add up to more performance on the whole but it’s more technical than necessary to get into. Simply put, this bike is more than worth the extra $1000, if it’s in your budget.

If you want the ultimate performance folding bike, the Eclipse X22 is definitely the way to go. 

If you want a comfortable and fast bike but you don’t want the lightest or smoothest shifting or fastest, the Eclipse P20 is a great choice.

You asked about a comparison to the Verge X10. Well, the Verge X10 is going to be lighter than the X22 because it’s a smaller bike. But other than that, the performance will actually be higher with the Eclipse X22. It is a more stable bike at speed and in corners because of the larger wheels and because of the 22 speed drivetrain and excellent shifters you get a very fast accelleration and even a higher top speed. Again, the larger wheels have a lot to do with the added performance. It will also be more comfortable because of the larger wheels which roll over bumps more easily when compared to the 20 inch wheels on the Verge X10.

I hope that helps you decide. If you have questions about any of this, just give me a call and I’ll be happy to walk you through it. The number here is (877) 389-8517.